Considerate Care
Peace of Mind


From 26 Google reviews


Considerate Care

Peace of Mind

” I do not know what we would have done without them. I recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their aging parents or other loved one.”

– Meredith M.


From 26 Google reviews

John K.

I have found that Katie, April, and Peter are passionate for the healthcare of senior community, whether it’s in your home or in a senior living community. The name of their company, Journey Together Home Care, is a testament to their devotion.

– John K.

Marcus T.

Katie and Peter are top notch! Keep up the good work!

– Marcus T.

Bonnie S.

Our family was introduced to Journey Together Home Care a few months ago by a friend. There are many things that have impressed me as we begin our journey with home care knowing that our loved one was resistant to any kind of care. 1) The Director was quick to respond and set up a time to meet with us. 2) The Director met with the family and interviewed us about our wants and specific needs of our loved one. She was thorough and gave us information concerning dementia patients to ensure that we would be comfortable with the care they provide. 3) The Director met with our loved one in our presence to talk with her about her wants and needs, to tour her home to check that it was a safe environment for her, to ask questions about her background, hobbies, and daily routines, and to begin introducing her to Journey Together Home Care. 4) The Director emailed more detailed questions as she worked on matching our loved one to one of her care givers. It was impressive to me that she hand picked a care giver that she knew would work well with our loved one. She met with her employee to share all the information she had gathered from us so that the care giver knew about her before actually meeting her. 5) The Director took time to accompany the care giver on her first visit to our loved one’s home to introduce her and begin working on building trust. This was a very important step as far as our loved one was concerned. 6) After a few days of focusing on building trust, the walls began to come down and our loved one began to accept her. After a week of visits, our loved one began to talk positively about her care giver and how much she liked her. After two weeks, our loved one began to refer to her care giver as her friend. This was heart warming to see it happen so quickly. 7) Finally, it is evident that our loved one’s care giver is knowledgeable, dedicated, and willing to bring comfort during the very difficult journey of dementia. She continues to work to get our loved one comfortable with accepting her help in doing tasks around her home. I am confident that this will happen as they continue to build their relationship. I am very pleased with Journey Together Home Care and how quickly our loved one came to accept and look forward to seeing her care giver. It brings me great comfort to hear our loved one talk so lovingly about her new friend! The Director’s continuing follow ups through email has kept the communication lines open. I would highly recommend their services!

– Bonnie S.

Cabell D.

Katie Davis guided me through some tough times. She is knowledgeable , supportive , compassionate and kind. Everything she told me was on point. I knew what to expect and when to expect it so I didn’t get rattled. I whole heartedly recommend Journey Together. You are your loved one’s support and their advocate. JTHC will be there for you with answers and a listening ear. Your loved one will thank you for making that call.

Cabell D.

Meredith M.

I can tell you honestly that Katie and Peter, and their staff, helped me through a very dark time with both of my parents. I do not know what we would have done without them. I recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their aging parents or other loved one. Home Care allowed my parents to stay in their home an addition 9 months while we worked through the transition to Memory Care/Assisted Living. I was able to reach a knowledgable and caring staff member literally at all hours of the day, they saw my parents through snow storms and power outages and we never had any scheduling or staffing issues. All of their partners are wonderful. Don’t hesitate, call them now!

– Meredith M.

Brandi H.

I had the greatest experience with Katie when my grandmother came home on hospice. At an emotional time, she was able to come in and calmly bestow her expert advice with our family that would allow us to enjoy every bit of time we had left with her! Her vast amount of knowledge coupled with her compassionate leadership is exactly what any family needing support would want! I highly recommend her and her company if you have loved ones needing any nature of care.

Brandi H.

Jenny T.

I am so excited and honored to be working with Katie Davis at JTHC. Katie has many years of experience providing excellent professional and compassionate care for clients in their homes. She maintains the highest standards of care for your loved one. You can trust that your family member will be safe and well cared for.

– Jenny T.

Liz H.

Katie @ Journey Together Home Care, has helped me navigate the ups and downs of having elderly parents live in my home. She had suggestions for medical care, changes that could be made to our home to accommodate mobility challenges, and she has offered bountiful support for how we can handle the mental decline of an elderly parent. She has been kind, professional, encouraging and compassionate at all times. Her faith, and prayers has made this experience even more comforting. Thank you JTHC!!

– Liz H.

Chad H.

When my wife’s grandmother, who lived with us at the time, went on hospice, Katie came in and provided all of the assistance, guidance, and comfort we could have asked for!

– Chad H.

David G.

JTHC is first a class home care that came in on short notice to care for my spouse. Katie and Jenny were both very attentive and made sure all of my wife’s needs were met. Without JTHC I would have to cancel very important functions I was obiligated to attent. Thanks for everything!!!!!

– David G.

Client Care Services

Our care management team journeys alongside our families and clients, educating them and linking them with invaluable resources to make their journey easier to navigate.

The women is giving motivation to the old woman

Personal Care Services

Personal care services allow clients to complete activities of daily living with assistance or total support. Our team at Journey Together promotes independence and dignity while providing this intimate service for our clients.

Young lady accompanies the old woman

Companion Care Services

Companion Care is a service provided to individuals who require assistance to continue living independently. Our dedicated team journeys together with your loved one and assists in household management, companionship, in-home recovery, transportation, and general health and well-being.

Holding each other's nearest hand

Specialized Care

Journey Together Home Care specializes in care coordination for clients who live with diseases such as dementia, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, congestive heart failure, a chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and cancer. Whether your loved one requires home health services including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, wound care, skilled nursing care, or any combination of these, Journey Together is prepared to assist you in connecting with the best resource to meet your needs.

Hand in hand

Geriatric Care Management

With over 55 years of combined experience, our Geriatric Care Management team understands your needs!  Our experience ranges from home care, geriatric care coordination, community health, nursing, nursing education, mental health, and substance abuse.  We partner with your loved one to develop a personalized plan of care to meet your needs, while preserving independence and dignity.  We assist where necessary with care coordination and promote quality of life.

Home Care based on the North side of Richmond, Virginia

Joyful Home Care based on the North side of Richmond, Virginia

Journey Together Home Care is the home care company of choice for the counties of Hanover, Henrico and the City of Richmond. We look forward to serving you!

Who We Help

Assisting an elderly woman to take a walk outside

Individuals Who Want to
Age in Place

As aging occurs, individuals are faced with the loss of independence due to physical limitations or disease process and can find it challenging to remain in their own home due to safety concerns or the need for increased support. JTHC provides services, education, and resources to allow individuals to age in place in their home, assisted living, or long-term care facilities. Our mission of Love Well, Serve Joyfully, Journey Together is lived out by our Care Team as it provides assistance for the loss of independence with activities of daily living. JTHC provides services with dignity and respect for our clients and their families, partnering with them to ensure their needs and preferences are integrated into their plan of care. We partner with you and your loved one to ensure your safety, your needs are met, and personal goals are achieved during your journey.

An elderly couple together

Individuals Requiring Assistance to Live Independently

Finding a home care agency that provides the level of care you need to live independently can be challenging. Often, individuals rely on family, friends, and neighbors to provide transportation, run errands, assist with housekeeping and other needs that become harder to accomplish as they age. This dependency causes our clients to feel they are placing a burden on their loved ones. JTHC provides flexible services, with no minimum service hours required. Our services allow individuals needing assistance to live independently to thrive in their current environment. JTHC provides service from 1-24 hours to meet the needs of the aging population.  Our flexible services will provide a long term, dependable solution that allows us to journey with you as your needs evolve. Our goal is to create independence through our clients relying on us instead of their loved ones to meet their care needs.

Seniors doing some exercises

Families Needing Geriatric Care Education and Local Resources

Searching for reliable resources, cost efficient products, and knowledgeable providers can be time consuming and overwhelming for families to navigate when a loved one needs assistance quickly. JTHC partners with our clients and their families to ensure they have access to education and resources to improve their aging journey. Our personalized services, and our desire to partner with you in your care allows you and your loved one to experience quality time together while our knowledgeable Care Team serves you and connects you with the resources you deserve.

How may we serve you?

No minimum service hours

No minimum service hours

We serve you from 1 to 24 hours a day.

Journey Together Home Care provides service from 1 to 24 hours with no minimum service hours required.  Our flexible, client centered service meets your needs.  We offer morning, afternoon, evening or a combination of shifts each day to assist in accomplishing your goals.

Our overnight on-call shifts allow clients to be safe at nighttime when caregiving needs are present.  Our Care Partners serve a 12-hour on-call shift overnight and can respond at will to client needs.  These on-call shifts are designed to allow the care partner to sleep eight hours during the night, while responding as needed to their client.  This unique shift allows flexibility for the clients and Care Partners and comes at a discounted cost to the client.

Continuous care overnight shifts allow peace of mind when a client has the need for someone to be awake with them.  These shifts are billed at the hourly rate.

Flexible services with no contract

Flexible services with no contract

Journey Together Home Care understands that flexibility and choice is an integral part of engaging our home care agency.

We understand that life is dynamic and at times unpredictable.  JTHC will meet your needs without locking you into an inflexible contract.  We journey together no matter the duration of service; whether you are looking for a long-term home care solution, respite care, in-home recovery, as needed services, or any combination of services that meet your unique needs.

Frequently Asked Questions